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Tax Prep Checklist

Personal Info 

  • Both you and your spouse's birth dates

  • Current address

  • Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN), if applicable

  • Photo ID

  • Social security number tax numbers must be provided by both you and your partner (if applicable)

Dependents' Info​​

  • Dependents' names, birth dates, and social security numbers.

  • Form 8832 confirming that there has been a release of the right to claim dependents (non-custodial parents)

  • Income documents for dependents are necessary if their taxes are being filed by our office.

Employment Income

  • W-2 form(s)

​​Business Income and Other Records

  • Business income generated by a sole proprietorship (1099-NEC)

  • Farm Income

  • Fishing Income

  • Income generated by partnerships and S-Corporations (Form K-1)

  • Records of income reported on other 1099 forms: 1099-K

  • Records of income that are not reported on 1099 forms: cash and other income

  • Estimated taxes record

  • Record of expenses

​​Retirement or Disability Benefits

  • Railroad retirement & social security income: form SSA-1099, form RRB-1099

  • Retirement income: form 1099-R​

Unemployment Income

  • Unemployment compensation received:1099-G 

​Investment and Asset Holders

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Dividend income statements: form 1099-DIV

  • Interest income statements: form 1099-INT & 1099-OID

  • Rental income, expenses, and tax payments

  • Sales of real estate: form 1099-S

  • Sales of stock, land, etc.: form 1099-B

  • Expenses for investments

​​Other Sources of Income

  • Alimony (agreements established earlier than 2019)

  • Hobby income

  • Income from trusts

  • Jury duty

  • Miscellaneous income: form 1099-MISC

  • Reports of prizes or lottery/gambling winnings

  • Royalties

  • Scholarships/fellowships are utilized for personal reasons.

  • State tax refund(s): form 1099-G

  • Records of any other income


Deductions for Parents and Caretakers

  • Adoption expense information

  • College expenses for dependents

  • Dependent care expenses: child care provider address, I.D. number, and amounts paid

Car Owner Deductions​​

Homeowner Deductions 

  • Home mortgage interest from form 1098*

  • Home second mortgage interest paid*

  • Real estate taxes*

  • First time home buyer info (2008 repayment)

  • Energy credits for energy-saving home improvements

Charitable Donations 

  • Charitable cash donations​*

  • Non-cash donations*

Savings Deductions

  • Health savings account deduction:1099-SA & 5498-SA

  • ​IRA contributions

  • Retirement savings contribution

Medical/Health Deductions

  • Form 1095-A is required if you signed up for an insurance plan through the Marketplace (Health Insurance Exchange)

  • Insurance premiums not covered by the Marketplace or an employer-provided plan

  • Payments made for healthcare, insurance (except for employer-provided plan premiums), and to doctors, dentists, and hospitals.

Deductions of Education Expenses

  • Education expenses (Keep receipts for your records). 

  • K-12 educators' expenses

  • Scholarships

  • Student loan interest paid

  • Tuition expenses: 1098 T

Deductions for Federal Disaster Areas

  • Details about insurance reimbursements and claims for FEMA assistance

  • Documentation of the expenses involved in rebuilding/repair

  • Records to support property losses (appraisal, cleaning costs, etc.)

Ensure that your county has been declared a federal disaster area by checking the FEMA website.  

Other Tax Deduction Checklist

  • Casualty and theft losses*

  • Miles traveled for volunteer purposes*

  • Unreimbursed expenses related to volunteer work*

  • Personal property taxes paid for boats and other property not previously listed 

Bank and Prior Tax Return Info

  • Bank account and routing number or a voided check for direct deposit of your refund

  • Bank name and account type (savings or checking)

  • Copy of the tax return filed last year

  • The tax preparation fee for last year

*Commonly a deduction for those who itemize on their tax return. For a clarification on
what it means to take an itemized deduction, refer to the FAQ.

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